C. C. Collier



Thank you for 5 CDs


Audra Dobbs Miss Rodeo Colorado 2009





Great job on the show today, I love your music!

I would love to branstorm about how we can mix your music and my message into an inspirational evening.

Mark McIntosh, one of the hosts of [Channel 9's] "Colorado and Company"


Thanks for your appearance today [Channel 9's "Colorado and Company" 10:40 a.m.]. People were very excited about your CDs. One woman named Barbara Bartels said she worked with you at a casino and thinks you’re “tops.” She lives in Max, NE.

Have a great week and Happy Memorial Day.



Thank you so very much for this beautiful song [America Thanks You]. I just turned the TV on and you were singing [Channel 9's "Colorado and Company"] (10:40 a.m.). I sat and cried. My husband was support personnel in France during Nam. One time since his retirement did anyone send him a thank you for serving. Thank you dear man.

Shirley Harrell, May 23, 2006


I am so glad that you’ve booked other engagements based on what people saw at our event. I’ve heard only wonderful things since the event, so it was perfect. I knew the Arrupe people were calling because they asked me for your contact information. They said Father Foley insisted on hiring CC! What fun!

I was impressed with the way CC seemed to know just what to play and just when to play! Great job!

Robin Frazee, Johnson and Wales University

CCCollier-musician-Acoustic Country-Country Rock at Johnson and Wales University
Arrupe Western Roundup
back from left to right: Paul Kelly and Alex Alcantar
middle left to right: Robin Frazee and Debra Rosenberg


Enjoyed your music for many years. Bought your CD in Seattle in a Fred Myers store. Tried to find your CDs without success. But will probably buy some more. So your music is playing here in New Zealand. Thanks for hours of enjoyment.

Harold Jumisco


For people that enjoy listening to the most Talented and Entertaining live music performance's by C.C. Collier is one of life's most enjoyable and memorable experience. C.C. distinctive perfect pitch voice and his extraordinary entertaining guitar playing makes him one of the best musical performers in the music business. C.C. talents have been recognize and acknowledged by many of Las Vegas famous casinos, American Legions etc... C.C. songs and music includes a wide range of some of Country's Western and other greatest songs and artist. C.C. is truly an asset to Country Music business.......

Thank you C.C. for many many years and hours of your enjoyable musical performances by so many people.

Ron Boley / Memphis, TN


My husband Bill and I met C.C. when he was doing a 'gig' at Mr. K's Sports World in Denver. Since we were big Bronco fans, we were invited to and attended this event. We then hired C.C. to perform at our 25th wedding anniversary party.....that was l7 years ago. Since that time, he has performed over 25 fundraisers for our handicapped children's groups, the Ms. Wheelchair Colorado and America Programs, plus, many, many more worthy organizations. I would say that he has raised close to $200,000.00 on behalf of those with a disability. We, in turn, have become good friends, even 'groopies', if you will, following him around to a multitude of gigs around the state. C.C. is not only a true blue American, having written several songs about America's veterans, as well as a true country entertainer giving not only of his talents, but of himself to others. Hire him once, and you will hire him over and over again for his quality of entertaining. My husband and I are proud to call him friend, and doubly proud to have had him work so diligently with us to help handicapped children.

BC's - Lakewood, CO

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