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C. C.'s Friends Page #3 2007-2008

C. C.'s Friends Page #1

C. C.'s Friends Page #2

Reana and husband

CC, Pat and fans in Las Vegas Jan 2009
CC and Pat with fans in Las Vegas
Miss Rodeo America Pageant, Dec. 2008
Halloween 2008, Englewood Elks
Jo Ann and Danny
Pam and Greg
Jo Ann and Danny
Pam and Greg
Jim and CC
CC with Jim in Longmont, August 2008
CC with Michelle
CC with Michelle at American Legion, Cortez CO, March, 2008
CC with Pat's relatives, Apache Junction, Jan 2008
CC with Pat's relatives, Apache Junction AZ, Jan 2008
Arvada Elks, March 2008
Vic, Dorothy, Marty
Greg and Kady
Vic & Dorothy, Marty
Greg and Kady
Brianna and Linda
Danny and Jo Ann
Brianna and Linda
Miss Rodeo America Pageant, Las Vegas NV, 2007
Jo Ann and Danny riding a bull
Jo Ann and Danny
Colorado Fans
Colorado Fans with CC Collier and Pat
August 6, 2007
sam taylor's bar-b-q, cc collier, fans
Sam Taylor's Bar-B-Q, CC Collier, dancers
Arvada Harvest Festival, Pam, Greg, Katelynn
Arvada Harvest Festival, 2007
Pam, Greg, Katelynn
Pam's Birthday, Lupita's, 2007
Pam at Lupita's 2007
Pat, Pam, Grady, Greg at Lupita's 2007
Pat, Pam, Grady, Greg
Cortez CO 2007





Grand Lake CO 2007

Montrose 2007

Cortez CO 2007
Joe, Sue, Pat, CC, Pam & Greg






Grand Lake 2007

Montrose CO 2007






CC Collier with Pam  CC Collier with Pam, Loveland Elks, May 11, 2007
MiKayla and attendants
MiKayla and attendants
May Flower Mother's Day Parade, Elizabeth CO, 2007


CC Collier with Linda
Linda and C.C.
CC Collier with Al and Pinki
Al and Pinki with C.C.
CC Collier and Pat with Ray, Jake, Leo, Diane
Ray, C.C., Pat, Jake & wife, Leo & Diane
Vic and Dorothy with CC Collier
Vic and Dorothy with C.C.
Danny's birthday party
Danny and Jo Ann
Danny and Jo Ann at Danny's Birthday Party, August, 2008
CC Collier's fans Joe and Gloria
Joe and Gloria
CC Collier, Tina and Ron
C. C. with Tina and Ron in Grand Lake

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